Do you have a caller with your band?

Yes, no matter what size of band, there will always be a caller, who will presume that most people don’t know the dances, and will teach them from scratch.

Can you do Scottish dances as well as Irish ones?

We have a broad repertoire of both Scottish and Irish dances and we can tailor your ceili to suit your group.

Can you do smaller bands for smaller events?

Yes, the full band is 4 players but we can put on a ceili with just one player and the caller, so the size of band can fit your budget.

Some of our guests would like to sing a song at some point during the ceili, is this possible?

Yes, we will have a roving mike with us and they can use that.

Can you provide musical accompaniment for our guests to sing?

Probably. Because we have a pianist in the band, we can accompany anyone who would like to sing a solo, if it’s a well known song!

How long does a typical ceili last?

2 hours is usually plenty of time for the ceili.

Do we get a rest in between the dances?

Yes, and during that time we will play some great trad music.

Can children join in the ceili dances?

Yes, that’s one of the great things about a ceili, it’s for all ages. If there is a group of children, we can do a ceili dance just for them.