Ceilis for weddings

The McAuley Ceili Band at a wedding
The McAuley Ceili Band at a wedding

A ceili is a very popular choice for a wedding as it will appeal to all ages and everyone can get involved. No previous dancing experience is necessary as all the dances are taught on the spot by our caller, using a roving mike. Most ceilis at weddings take place in the early evening, after the dinner but a ceili is also a great way to spend the afternoon. Great craic all round and many photo opportunities are guaranteed!

We can supply a band of 1, 2 or 3 players, depending on your budget, the number of your guests and the space at the venue. We bring our own PA gear and a roving mike for the caller. In between the dances we’ll play great trad music to keep the energy going!

Post Author: Loreto McAuley

Owner/manager of the McAuley Ceili Band. Also play keys!