McAuley Folk Band Belfast

Folk Band

Add a singer to the ceili band and you have a folk band! With Michael our singer on board, we can cover everything from ‘Whiskey in the jar’ to ‘Galway girl’ – both the original version and Ed Sheeran’s. Here’s a pic from St Patrick’s Day in the Northern Whig in Belfast. Just 3 of […]

A wedding ceili in Northern Ireland

How to get everyone dancing at your wedding..

….. have a ceili! A ceili is great fun and will involved everyone from 6 year old to 96, so it’s very likely that your dance floor will be filled at your wedding, with dancers or laughing onlookers or guests trying to video the most hilarious bits. The word ‘ceili’ means a sociable gathering with […]

A corporate ceili in Co Antrim

A flexible ceili band

The McAuley Ceili band offers flexibility – from a 2 piece band to a 4 piece band, to suit all budgets. We supply an experienced caller with a roving mike for all ceilis. We can also do ceilis with just a caller and a pianist, using a mixture of backing tracks and live music.

Wedding DJ Northern Ireland

Meet the DJ – Mark Brown

We can recommend Mark as a DJ, having worked with him many times. We often share PA gear with him, which saves time in setting up, and works well if there is limited space. Mark is a first class DJ with a very professional set up. More info at

A ceili for a business event in a marquee

A modern ceili band for the 21st century

Adding keyboards and a full drum kit to the ceili band line up gives it a fresh, modern ‘celtic rock’ sound, with plenty of ‘beat’ to keep people on the dance floor. However, if you prefer the traditional sound, we can change the line up to include accordion and bodhran or snare drum.

Loreto McAuley - McAuley Ceili Band

Meet the band – Loreto McAuley

Loreto McAuley set up the McAuley Ceili Band and plays keys, covering piano, bass guitar, accordion, banjo and strings. Loreto is a full time freelance musician and MD and also plays the harp, the whistle and the bodhran.

A scottish ceili in the Culloden

Ceili or ceilidh?

Ceili or ceilidh? It doesn’t matter! ‘Ceilidh’ is a much older spelling of ‘ceili’ and is more in use in Scotland. We can provide you with a Scottish or Irish ceili / ceilidh, or a mixture of both.

A wedding ceili in Northern Ireland

Ceilis for weddings

A ceili is a very popular choice for a wedding as it will appeal to all ages and everyone can get involved. No previous dancing experience is necessary as all the dances are taught on the spot by our caller, using a roving mike. Most ceilis at weddings take place in the early evening, after […]